Can't Live Without You by Justin Bieber

I (1)________ sit here
Waiting for you to call
And (2)________ I wonder
If you're even (3)______________ at all

So (4)________ thoughts in my mind
Wishing you (5)__________ be (6)________ all the time

Cause I'm (7)________ without you
And I can't (8)________ (9)__________ you
And there's (10)__________________ about you
I (11)________ can't (12)________ (13)______________ you

Cause I'm (14)________ (15)______________ you
And I can't (16)________ doubt you
And there's (17)__________________ about you
I just can't (18)________ (19)______________ you
(1) Just(2) then(3) calling(4) many(5) could(6) here(7) lost(8) just(9) doubt(10) something(11) just(12) live(13) without(14) lost(15) without(16) just(17) something(18) live(19) without