In my own word by Violetta

Two (1)________ on the (2)____________
Step by step, on the beat of (3)__________
My (4)________ (5)________________ (6)__________
But I’m still, gonna sing aloud

And no matter (7)__________ I go
People see I’m one (8)________ in the (9)__________
But (10)________ (11)____________ I feel stronger
They’ll see me around

And I’ll gonna sing
In my own world
As I much I (12)________
I’m not (13)__________ (14)________
Keep on try it
I know that I care

And I’ll (15)__________ (16)________
In my own (17)__________
As I (18)________ I care
I’m not (19)__________ (20)________
Keep on try it
I (21)________ that I care

Keep it down and be (22)____________
I’m (23)____________ on
No one’s gonna stop me, no one, no one
Keep it down and be strong
I’m (24)____________ on, no one’s gonna stop me
(1) feet(2) ground(3) sound(4) head(5) spinning(6) round(7) where(8) more(9) crowd(10) here(11) inside(12) care(13) gonna(14) stop(15) gonna(16) sing(17) world(18) much(19) gonna(20) stop(21) know(22) strong(23) moving(24) moving