Thursday by Morphine

Band: Morphine
Song: Thursday

We (1)________ to meet (2)__________ Thursday
Thursday in the afternoon
For a (3)____________ a beers
And a (4)________ of pool

We used to go to a motel
A motel
A motel across the street
And the (5)________ of the motel
Was the "Wagon Wheel"


One day she said
C'mon C'mon
She (6)________ why (7)________ you come back to my house
She (8)________ my husbands out of town
You (9)________ he's (10)________ till the end of the month

Well I was (11)________ so nervous, so nervous
You know I couldn't (12)____________ quite relax
'Cause I was really never quite sure
When her husband was coming back

It (13)____________ out it was one of the neighbors
One of the neighbors, one of the neigbors that saw my car
And (14)________ (15)________ her, yeah they told her
They think (16)________ know who you are

Well her husband is a (17)______________ man
A (18)________ (19)______________ and (20)______________ man
Now I have to (21)__________ this town
I gotta (22)__________ while I still can

We should have (23)________ it every Thursday
Thursday in the afternoon
For a (24)____________ of beers
And a game of pool

She was pretty cool too!
(1) used(2) every(3) couple(4) game(5) name(6) said(7) dont(8) said(9) know(10) gone(11) just(12) really(13) turned(14) they(15) told(16) they(17) violent(18) very(19) violent(20) jealous(21) leave(22) leave(23) kept(24) couple