Centinela by Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich + Fussible

The (1)__________ starts, it was a late November night
She had a flower in her hair, he had his uniform on tight
He patrolled his watch, like nothing else was wrong
She danced by him with her face as (2)________ as dawn

He looked into her eyes and saw nothing there
He said, "excuse me seƱorita, but I don't believe we've had the pleasure"
She said "of course you know me, I'm here (3)__________ year,
but don't you get to close when I'm dancing my dear"

He thought, "how can I not fall in love with that,
a (4)____________ little women with an (5)________________ to match"
He reached for her hand, and she wasn't impressed,
she wanted (6)____________ to do with his (7)____________ caress.

Won't you (8)__________ with me tonite
Hold my hand (9)__________ the moonlight
All we have is (10)________ today
Until my bones just blow away.

And this happened every year .. every year like clock work.

But let me first tell how it really began

About ten years from exactly this date
A young man was sent away to fight in a far off place
La Centinela had to say goodbye,
had to leave his home and his lover's pretty eyes

It broke her heart and she wanted him to stay
But not even her gentle hands could persuade him another way.
He was gone for what seemed to be years,
and his (11)__________________ lover counted everyday with tears

November 1st was the (12)________ time she cried
thinking he'd be coming home but all she heard was that he'd died.
She was (13)________ he was a brave (14)__________ man
But it was news his young lover just, she just couldn't understand.

So she drowned her sorrow and her soul, the (15)________ way she knew how
by throwing herself into the well. She thought together, they'd be together in the afterlife.

Won't you dance with me tonite
Hold my (16)________ under the moonlight
All we have is (17)________ today
Until my bones just blow away.

But what she didn't know, is that she had heard wrong
The young man did return, only to find that she had fallen
Her (18)________________ death meant that they were now both alone
Never to dance together again or see how old that they had grown

The (19)________ day he placed flowers by the (20)________
burned candles in the evening (21)______________ he'd been the one that fell
He knew (22)____________ her wouldn't happen with just tears
So he decided to wait for her, (23)________ she had done for all (24)__________ years

November 2nd from this point on
He made sure he (25)__________________ until the break of dawn
So they (26)__________ dance together, for just this one day,
Holding hands with his (27)________________ on El Dia de la muerte

Won't you dance with me tonite
Hold my hand under the moonlight
All we have is just today
Until my bones (28)________ blow away.
(1) story(2) pale(3) every(4) pretty(5) attitude(6) little(7) gentle(8) dance(9) under(10) just(11) beautiful(12) last(13) told(14) young(15) only(16) hand(17) just(18) untimely(19) next(20) well(21) wishing(22) seeing(23) like(24) those(25) patrolled(26) could(27) calavera(28) just