Just So by Agnes Obel

Black (1)__________ beat me bright, turning on the light
Today is (2)__________ be the day, you hear (3)________ body say
We (4)________ you (5)__________ away

Tiptoe over the floor
What are you (6)______________ for?
So so and no more
Thats all to be, so before.

Today is (7)__________ be the day, you hear (8)________________ say,
We need you (9)__________ away
You hear the moments (10)________ and play.
The order of the day is already in your way

The widow shade, the nurse and maid,
To let it all (11)________ work away,
From head to toe, (12)__________ shadow grows,
Since forever and a day

Quiet moments home
Where some do you roam?
Today is (13)__________ be the day
You hear some body say
We need you right away.
No time for tea or lemonade.
Some (14)______________ of the day
Were (15)________ half awake.

Drink a toast to the sun
To the (16)____________ (17)________ never go,
To the break of the day
That is all (18)________ I say
(1) turns(2) gonna(3) some(4) need(5) right(6) waiting(7) gonna(8) somebody(9) right(10) kick(11) just(12) where(13) gonna(14) moments(15) only(16) things(17) that(18) that