The Week Hour Of The Rooster by Dover

I (1)________ another day
I (2)__________ (3)__________ to be sad
But i lost it again
They're changing the (4)____________
They're making it (5)__________
I'm (6)____________ it all
Don't you seek for a friend
They never (7)________ 'till the end
they leave (8)____________
They're (9)________________ the chords
They're (10)____________ it worse
we're losing it all
I woke up with the (11)______________
Played loud and drove'em insane
I can't let go they (12)________ me
Come back and (13)________ me (14)__________
If you're gonna go
Then please let it show
I won't (15)__________ my mind
For some other (16)________
I rather be dead (17)________ (18)__________ so (19)________
It's better to (20)________ than to (21)________ (22)________
(1) lost(2) never(3) meant(4) chords(5) worse(6) losing(7) wait(8) anyway(9) changing(10) making(11) rooster(12) hurt(13) save(14) again(15) trade(16) life(17) than(18) being(19) lame(20) burn(21) fade(22) away