Victim Of Changes by Judas Priest

Whiskey woman don't you know (1)________ you are drivin' me insane
the liquor you give (2)__________ your will to live and gets right to my brain

don't you know you're driving me insane
you're tryin' to find (3)________ way (4)______________ life
you're tryin' to get some new direction

another woman got her man
she won't find no new connection

Takes another drink or two,
things look better (5)________ she's through

Takes another look around,
you're not goin' anywhere
you've realized you're gettin' old and no one seems to care
you're tryin' to find your way again
you're tryin' to find some new...

another woman's got her man
but she won't (6)________ a new...
Takes (7)______________ drink or two, things look (8)____________ when she's through
You 'bin foolin' with some hot guy
i want to know why is it why
get up get out you know you really (9)________ it
i've had enough, i've had enough, (10)________ god pluck me

Once she was wonderful
once she was fine
once she was beautiful
once she was mine...she was mine
Now change has come over her body, she doesn't see me anymore
now change has come over her body, she doesn't see me anymore
Changes, changes, changes, changes
victim of changes
(1) that(2) stems(3) your(4) through(5) when(6) find(7) another(8) better(9) blew(10) good