The Party’s Over by Talk Talk

The party's over
I (1)__________ (2)______________ you'd stay
The (3)________ of laughter
My truth's no (4)____________ sane
The party's over
Much (5)__________ (6)________ you'd say
THIS (7)____________ OF NO-ONE
TIME, (8)______________ ON (9)________ FACE

Take a look at the kids
I've been losing track
This (10)__________ of (11)__________ uncertain
Of your love
Is all I'm guilty of

The party's over
I never (12)______________ you'd stay
A (13)__________ of reason
This (14)________ of masquerade

Take a (15)________ at the kids
I've been (16)____________ track
This crime of (17)__________ uncertain
Of (18)________ love
Is all I'm guilty of

Take (19)________ punishment away Lord
Name the crime I'm (20)____________ of
Too (21)________ hope I've seen as virtue
Name the (22)__________ I'm guilty of
(1) never(2) thought(3) love(4) longer(5) older(6) than(7) FRIEND(8) CREASES(9) YOUR(10) crime(11) being(12) thought(13) style(14) life(15) look(16) losing(17) being(18) your(19) this(20) guilty(21) much(22) crime