Candy by Talk Talk

This sure is some kind of party
It's so useful
Surround my life with excuses
For what I choose to lose
And my name
Doesn't look the same to me
No, no not me now
And inside
Don't you know I feel so bad

When I tried to turn away
To find you again
My emotion cost me pain
Did I look the same
When I think about the times
That I laughed away the idea you'd cheat me
But look again
What do you say 'That's my name'

And i hope that i've kept you amused
to wipe that spit right off my boots
And when I'm home and thinking in the dark
I hope that none of this has had to go too far

When it gets too late
To see me any other way
And it gets so hard to hold on
To everything that I want so bad