Candy by Talk Talk

This sure is (1)________ kind of party
It's so useful
Surround my life (2)________ excuses
For (3)________ I choose to lose
And my name
Doesn't (4)________ the same to me
No, no not me now
And inside
Don't you (5)________ I (6)________ so bad

When I tried to turn away
To (7)________ you again
My emotion cost me pain
Did I look the same
When I think (8)__________ the times
That I (9)______________ (10)________ the (11)________ you'd (12)__________ me
But (13)________ again
What do you say 'That's my name'

And i (14)________ that i've kept you amused
to (15)________ that spit right off my boots
And when I'm (16)________ and (17)________________ in the dark
I (18)________ (19)________ (20)________ of this has had to go too far

When it (21)________ too late
To see me any other way
And it gets so (22)________ to hold on
To everything that I (23)________ so bad
(1) some(2) with(3) what(4) look(5) know(6) feel(7) find(8) about(9) laughed(10) away(11) idea(12) cheat(13) look(14) hope(15) wipe(16) home(17) thinking(18) hope(19) that(20) none(21) gets(22) hard(23) want