Who'll Stop The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Long as I remember
The rain been comin' down.
Clouds of myst'ry pourin'
Confusion on the ground.
Good men (1)______________ the ages,
Tryin' to find the sun;
And I wonder,
Still I wonder,
Who'll (2)________ the rain.

I (3)________ down Virginia,
Seekin' shelter from the storm.
Caught up in the fable,
I watched the (4)__________ grow.
Five year plans and new deals,
Wrapped in golden chains.
And I wonder,
Still I wonder
Who'll stop the rain.

Heard the (5)______________ playin',
How we cheered for more.
The crowd had (6)____________ together,
Tryin' to (7)________ warm.
Still the (8)________ kept pourin',
Fallin' on my ears.
And I wonder,
Still I wonder
Who'll (9)________ the rain.
(1) through(2) stop(3) went(4) tower(5) singers(6) rushed(7) keep(8) rain(9) stop