Shadow Of The Moon by Blackmore's Night

In the shadow of the moon,
She danced in the starlight
Whispering a haunting tune
To the night...
Velvet skirts (1)________ 'round and 'round
Fire in her stare
In the (2)__________ without a sound
No one cared...
Through the darkened (3)____________ entranced,
Music made her (4)________ (5)__________ dance,
Thinking of a lost romance...
Long ago...
Feeling lonely, feeling sad,
She cried in the moonlight.
Driven by a (6)__________ (7)________ mad
She (8)________ flight...
"Feel no sorrow, (9)________ no pain,
Feel no hurt, there's (10)______________ gained...
Only (11)________ (12)________ (13)________ remain,"
She would say.
Shadow of the Moon...
Shadow of the Moon...
Somewhere (14)________ (15)____________ the mist
Spirits were seen flying
As the lightning led her way
Through the dark...
Shadow of the Moon..
(1) spun(2) woods(3) fields(4) poor(5) heart(6) world(7) gone(8) took(9) feel(10) nothing(11) love(12) will(13) then(14) just(15) beyond