Mama by Genesis

I can't see you mama
but i can hardly wait
ooh to (1)__________ and to feel you mama
oh i just can't keep away
in the (2)________ and the (3)__________ of the city
oh its got me running and i just can't brake
so say you'll (4)________ me mama
cos its getting so hard
Now i can't keep you mama
but i know you're always there
you listen, you (5)__________ me mama
and I know (6)____________ you care
so get down, down (7)________ beside me
oh you ain't going nowhere
no I won't (8)________ you mama
but its (9)______________ so hard
Can't you see me (10)________ mama
mama (11)________ mama please
can't you feel my heart
can't you feel my heart
can't you (12)________ my heart oh
now listen to me mama
mama mama
you're taking away my (13)________ chance
don't (14)________ it away
can't you (15)________ my heart?
It's hot, too hot for me mama
but I can (16)____________ wait
my eyes they're burning mama
and I can feel my body shake
don't stop, don't stop me mama
oh make the pain, (17)________ it go away
no I won't hurt you mama
but its getting so hard
Now I can't see you mama
but I (18)________ you're always there
you taunt, you tease me mama
but I (19)__________ never can keep away
it's the (20)________ and the steam of the city
oh got me (21)______________ and I just can't brake
so stay don't leave me mama
cos its (22)______________ so (23)________
(1) touch(2) heat(3) steam(4) help(5) teach(6) inside(7) here(8) hurt(9) getting(10) here(11) mama(12) feel(13) last(14) take(15) feel(16) hardly(17) make(18) know(19) never(20) heat(21) running(22) getting(23) hard