Get Dressed For Success by Roxette

Tried to make it little by little
Tried to make it bit by bit on my own
Quit the job the (1)________ believers
Another town where I get close to the (2)________

Whatcha gonna (3)________ (4)________ brother? - oh oh oh
whatcha gonna tell (5)________ father? - I don't know!
Whatcha gonna tell your mother? - Let me go...

I'm (6)__________ get dressed for success
Shaping me up for the big time baby
Get dressed for (7)______________
Shaping it up for (8)________ love
For (9)________ (10)________ yea yea yea

I'm not afraid, a trembling flower
I'll feed (11)________ heart and blow the (12)________ (13)________ your (14)________
And in the (15)________ (16)____________ (17)____________ faster
I (18)________ the way you sway your hips (19)________ to mine

Whatcha (20)__________ (21)________ your brother? - oh oh oh...

I'm (22)__________ get (23)______________ for success
hitting a spot for the big (24)________ baby
Get dressed for success
shaping it up for (25)________ love

Look sharp!
(1) grey(2) bone(3) tell(4) your(5) your(6) gonna(7) success(8) your(9) your(10) love(11) your(12) dust(13) from(14) eyes(15) dark(16) things(17) happen(18) love(19) next(20) gonna(21) tell(22) gonna(23) dressed(24) time(25) your