No Greater Love by Amy Winehouse

There is no (1)______________ love
Than (2)________ I (3)________ for you
No sweeter song, no (4)__________ so true

There is no (5)______________ thrill
Than (6)________ you (7)__________ to me
No (8)______________ song
Than what you sing, sing to me

You're the (9)________________ thing
I (10)________ (11)________ known
And to (12)__________ that you are (13)________ alone

There is no (14)______________ love
In all the world, it's true
No (15)______________ love
Than what I (16)________ for you
(1) greater(2) what(3) feel(4) heart(5) greater(6) what(7) bring(8) sweeter(9) sweetest(10) have(11) ever(12) think(13) mine(14) greater(15) greater(16) feel