Is There Something by Christopher Cross

Lately I see clouds of (1)____________ in your eyes
Some deep sadness you can (2)__________ (3)__________ disguise
Now I'm scared to ask what it's leading to
But I'm (4)________ afraid of not asking you

Is (5)__________ something (6)________ you want to tell me
Is there something that I ought to know
Are we something that's (7)__________ worth (8)________________ for
Or (9)____________ I simply let you go
Is there (10)__________________ I can do to reach you
Are we something more than history
I'll find some way to convince you to stay
If you (11)________ (12)________ me honestly
Is there (13)__________________ left of you and me

You've got secrets you've (14)________ (15)______________ for too long
And I'm going (16)__________ acting like there's (17)______________ wrong
I can taste the (18)__________ every time we kiss
And I can't go on
At least not like this

I don't want to (19)________ you
But what's the use of holding on
I don't really have you
If the feeling's gone

Is there (20)__________________ I can do to (21)__________ you
Are we something more than history
If there's no way to convince you to stay
And be the way we (22)________ to be
Then there's something (23)________ I want to tell you
And I want you to believe it's true
We had something (24)________ I'll never forget
Even if I (25)____________ to
'Cause part of me will always be with you
(1) sorrow(2) never(3) quite(4) more(5) there(6) that(7) still(8) fighting(9) should(10) something(11) just(12) tell(13) something(14) been(15) keeping(16) crazy(17) nothing(18) truth(19) lose(20) something(21) reach(22) used(23) that(24) that(25) wanted