Lose My Breath by Destiny's Child

Can you keep up?
baby boy, lemme lose my breath
bring the noise, lemme lose my breath
hit me hard, lemme lose my (hah hah)
can you keep up?
baby boy, lemme lose my breath
bring the noise, (1)__________ (2)________ my breath
hit me hard, lemme (3)________ my breath (hah hah)
i put it right in front of me, (4)________ for you to get to
now you (5)__________ act like ya don’t (6)________ what to do
after i done everything that you ask me
grabbed you, (7)______________ you, (8)__________ you, tried you
move so (9)________ (10)________ now i can’t find you
i’m startin to believe (11)________ i’m way too (12)________ for you
all that talk but it (13)__________ like it can’t come through
all those nights if you could (14)______________ me
now i see why the little you ride me,
gave you the wheel but you can’t (15)__________ me

two things i don’t like when i’m trying to get my groove
is a (16)____________ that meets only halfway i just can’t prove
take me out so deep when you know you can’t swim
need a lifeguard and i (17)________ protection
to put it on me deep in the right direction
you understand the facts that i’m trynna (18)________ to you
ya movin so (19)________ (20)________ you (21)________ don’t have a clue
didn’t mama teach you to give affection?
learn the difference of a man and an adolescence
don’t need u boo, so get tha stepping

if you can’t make me say oooh
like the (22)________ of this drum
why you askin for some
you don’t really want none
if you can’t (23)________ me say oooh
like the beat of this groove
you don’t (24)________ no business in this
heres your (25)____________ (26)________ you are dismissed
(1) lemme(2) lose(3) lose(4) easy(5) wanna(6) know(7) grinded(8) liked(9) fast(10) baby(11) that(12) much(13) seems(14) satisfy(15) drive(16) partna(17) need(18) give(19) slow(20) like(21) just(22) beat(23) make(24) have(25) papers(26) baby