The Best You Never Had by Leona Lewis

I was so in (1)________ with you
There was nothing I could do
Wouldn't give me the time of day
Now you (2)__________ be with me
You say you (3)__________ be with me

You said I was the best
Gave (4)________ love out to the rest
There was nothing I could say
But now it's going good for me
You say you wanna be with me

Yeah, you're telling me that I am where it's at
But I ain't having none of that....

Because I told you, you'd live to regret it,
and now I don't wanna (5)________ you feel bad,
But when it comes to me just forget it,
I'll be the best you never had,
You put me (6)______________ so many emotions,
Now (7)________ it's your turn for that,
'cause in your empty heart I have left a mark,
The best you never had.

No, No, No

You saw me as a friend,
Baby I don't want revenge,
But if you must know the truth,
What you didn't see in me
Reflects what you will never be now,
When you're telling me I was always the one,
I feel your desperation.


Back rubs, good love, my stuff
That's what you missed out on
My touch... so much we could have
You miss,
My kiss,
My lips,
The love I had for you
Our song, so long

[Chorus x2]

Well I will always be the (8)________ you (9)__________ had

The best you never had
(1) love(2) wanna(3) wanna(4) your(5) make(6) through(7) baby(8) best(9) never