Look For Me (I'll Be Around) by Neko Case

When you tire of all the (1)____________ lights
Haste that's killing and you're willing to stay home nights
When your (2)________ are back on the solid ground
Look for me, I'll be around

When the new crowd starts to bore you
Just (3)________________ there is (4)______________ to adore you
When you're weary of nights out on the town
Look for me, I'll be around

May not seem (5)________________ the way those others do
I'm emotion, my devotion
You (6)________ need some day as I (7)________ you

When the kicks go that it brings you
You (8)________ hanker for an anchor just to cling to
When you've lived it up till it's got you down
Look for me, look for me
Look for me, I'll be around
(1) bright(2) feet(3) remember(4) someone(5) exciting(6) will(7) need(8) will