Look For Me (I'll Be Around) by Neko Case

When you (1)________ of all the bright lights
Haste that's killing and you're willing to stay home nights
When (2)________ feet are back on the solid ground
Look for me, I'll be around

When the new crowd starts to bore you
Just remember there is someone to (3)__________ you
When you're weary of nights out on the town
Look for me, I'll be around

May not seem exciting the way (4)__________ (5)____________ do
I'm emotion, my devotion
You will need some day as I (6)________ you

When the kicks go that it brings you
You will (7)____________ for an anchor just to cling to
When you've lived it up till it's got you down
Look for me, look for me
Look for me, I'll be (8)____________
(1) tire(2) your(3) adore(4) those(5) others(6) need(7) hanker(8) around