Border Song by Elton John

Holy Moses I have been removed
I have (1)________ the (2)______________ he has been here too
Distant cousin (3)________ down the line
Brand of people who ain't my kind
Holy (4)__________ I (5)________ been removed

Holy (6)__________ I have been deceived
Now the wind has (7)______________ (8)__________________ and I'll have to leave
Won't you (9)____________ (10)____________ my (11)__________________ but it's not my cup of tea
Holy (12)__________ I have been deceived

I'm going back to the border
Where my affairs, my affairs ain't abused
I can't take any (13)________ bad water
I've (14)________ (15)________________ from my head down to my shoes

Holy (16)__________ I (17)________ been deceived
Holy (18)__________ let us (19)________ in peace
Let us strive to (20)________ a way to make all (21)____________ cease
There's a man (22)________ there what's his colour I don't care
He's my brother let us live in peace
He's my brother let us live in peace
He's my (23)______________ let us live in (24)__________
(1) seen(2) spectre(3) from(4) Moses(5) have(6) Moses(7) changed(8) direction(9) please(10) excuse(11) frankness(12) Moses(13) more(14) been(15) poisoned(16) Moses(17) have(18) Moses(19) live(20) find(21) hatred(22) over(23) brother(24) peace