Notion by The Rare Occasions

Sure it's a calming notion, (1)__________________ in motion
But I don't (2)________ the (3)______________ of any lies
For I have seen the ending and (4)__________ is no ascending
Oh, (5)________ when I was younger, was told by other youngsters
That my end will be torture (6)______________ the earth
'Cause I don't see what they see, (7)________ (8)__________ is staring at me
I see a window, a limit, to (9)________ it, or not at all
If you could (10)________ the lever to (11)__________ on forever
Would (12)________ (13)________ (14)________ matter anymore?
Sure it's a calming notion, perpetual in motion
But it's not what you signed up for
I'm sure there won't (15)____________ be sunshine
But there's this momentary (16)________ of light
You don't have to wait those (17)__________ decades
To get through the gate, it's all in front of your face
I'm sure there won't always be sunshine
I'm (18)________ (19)__________ won't always be sunshine
But there's (20)________ momentary beam of light
I (21)__________ cross the ocean in a fit of devotion
For every shining second, this fragile (22)________ beckons
You (23)__________ you're (24)________ it better believing (25)______________ letters
Sure it's a calming notion, but it's a lie
(1) perpetual(2) need(3) comfort(4) there(5) back(6) beneath(7) when(8) death(9) live(10) pull(11) carry(12) your(13) life(14) even(15) always(16) beam(17) salty(18) sure(19) there(20) this(21) could(22) body(23) think(24) owed(25) ancient