Grail Of Sahara by Katra

There's a story about this (1)________
Dunes that keep the secret in the sand
Bowl from ancient history
Hiding an eternal mystery

And truth (2)________ somewhere in the desert's secrecy

In wind I hear the (3)____________________
The (4)________________ (5)________________ there has (6)________ (7)________
So far like a glory shining star
A (8)________ about the Grail of Sahara

Old (9)__________ up the (10)________
Fountain's water dreary (11)________________ still
Chest of victory and death
Hidden in oasis' (12)________ bed

And truth is (13)____________ in the (14)________ till man's last breath

In wind I hear the whispering
The greatest (15)________________ there has (16)________ been
So far (17)________ a (18)__________ (19)______________ (20)________
A tale (21)__________ the Grail of Sahara

In (22)________ I hear the whispering
The greatest treasure (23)__________ has ever been
So far (24)________ a (25)__________ (26)______________ star
A tale about the (27)__________ of (28)____________
(1) land(2) lies(3) whispering(4) greatest(5) treasure(6) ever(7) been(8) tale(9) oasis(10) hill(11) standing(12) holy(13) buried(14) sand(15) treasure(16) ever(17) like(18) glory(19) shining(20) star(21) about(22) wind(23) there(24) like(25) glory(26) shining(27) Grail(28) Sahara