The Vikings ("Personal Jesus" By Depeche Mode) by History Teachers

Here we come
Setting out to explore
Praying to Thor
Here we come
Dragon (1)__________ on the sea
Drinking our mead
From skandinavian lands are we
Danes, Norwegians and some swedes
Do a little raiding
Our villages are waiting
They call us “Norse”
Praying to their lord
Deliver us from the (2)______________________ sword
Raid the monastery in 793
We are the vikings
Here we come
Longships pulling to shore, (3)__________ our oars
Here we come
Silver combs in our hair
Wearing fur of a bear
Setting in Dublin and Normandy
Pushing (4)________ to the Mead Sea
Bodyguards to Byzantines
We (5)________________ three English kings
And when we expire we set our (6)__________ on fire
Were the Vikings
Here we come
We are the Vikings
We are the Vikings
A (7)____________ normannorum (8)____________ nos Domine
We are the (9)______________
(1) ships(2) norseman´s(3) using(4) down(5) supplied(6) boats(7) furore(8) libera(9) Vikings