Devil's Night Out by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Remember that night? It (1)__________ so clear
Now he's back and I'm glad he's here
Three long years, millions of beers
But the devil is back, so girls, dry your tears

In his favorite club, in his favorite seat
Well, I saw the devil, wing tip shoes on his feet
Pork pie hat on his head, he was diggin' the beat
And the (2)________ (3)____________ like demons, when he screamed:
"Turn on the heat"

Well, the (4)__________ was drinkin' and dancin' up a storm
The band was so hot, my (5)________ got warm
Just when I thought it would all cool down
That evil (6)________________________ screamed:
"Burn this place down"

Wouldn't know the devil
If he (7)______________ them in the face
Couldn't drink a six-pack, never mind a case
Don't know how to skateboard
That's (8)________ a ******* crock
Most of all, (9)________ got no balls
And don't (10)________ how to rock


(1) seems(2) band(3) ripped(4) Devil(5) beer(6) ************(7) punched(8) just(9) they(10) know