Highway To Hell by Acdc

Living easy, (1)____________ (2)________ (3)____________ (4)____________ on a one-way (5)________ Asking nothing, leave me be (6)____________ (7)____________________ in my (8)____________ Don't (9)________ reason, don't (10)________ rhyme Ain't (11)______________ I would (12)____________ do Going down, party time My (13)______________ are gonna be (14)__________ too I'm on the (15)______________ to (16)________ No (17)________ signs, speed limit Nobody's (18)__________ slow me down Like a wheel, (19)__________ spin it Nobody's gonna mess me (20)__________ Hey Satan, payed my dues Playing in a rocking band Hey Momma, look at me I'm on my way to the promised land I'm on the highway to (21)________ (Don't stop me) And I'm (22)__________ down, all the way down I'm on the (23)______________ to hell

(1) living(2) free(3) Season(4) ticket(5) ride(6) Taking(7) everything(8) stride(9) need(10) need(11) nothing(12) rather(13) friends(14) there(15) highway(16) hell(17) stop(18) gonna(19) gonna(20) round(21) hell(22) going(23) highway