Hello Beautiful by Jonas Brothers

Hello beautiful
How's it going?
I (1)________ it's wonderful in California
I've (2)________ missing you it's true
But (3)______________ I'm (4)__________ fly
Yeah tonight I'm (5)__________ fly...

'Cause I (6)__________ go (7)____________ the world
And see (8)____________________ and never be satisfied
If I couldn't see (9)__________ eyes

Hello beautiful
It's been a (10)________ time
Since my phone's rung
You've (11)________ on (12)________ line
I've (13)________ missing you

It's true
But (14)______________ I'm gonna fly
Yeah tonight
I'm (15)__________ fly, oh yeah
'Cause I (16)__________ go across the world
And see everything and (17)__________ be satisfied
If I couldn't see those eyes

(1) hear(2) been(3) tonight(4) gonna(5) gonna(6) could(7) across(8) everything(9) those(10) long(11) been(12) that(13) been(14) tonight(15) gonna(16) could(17) never