Maths Song by One Direction

You're insecure, so (1)________ of four,
Your old (2)____________ are not (3)________ they (4)________ before,
Add two threes, it's (5)________ for us,
'cause we're (6)__________ and we can still (7)________________ stuff

Everyone (8)________ can (9)________________ by 60,
Everyone (10)________ can add two

Now (11)________ off one (12)______________ and add on 24,
Then divide by two and add on (13)__________ more
And if you're struggling now it's not (14)________ to tell
You don't know, (15)________ maths skills are terrible

If only you had a (16)________ (17)________ me
You'd (18)____________________ how to (19)____________ the sum by three,
And (20)________ just add on the age of (21)________ OAP
You don't know, (22)________ (23)__________ skills are (24)________________
(1) half(2) brains(3) what(4) were(5) fine(6) young(7) remember(8) else(9) multiply(10) else(11) take(12) hundred(13) seven(14) hard(15) your(16) mind(17) like(18) understand(19) divide(20) then(21) this(22) your(23) maths(24) terrible