Interstate Love by Stone Temple Pilots

Waiting on a sunday afternoon For (1)________ I read between the (2)__________ Your lies Feelin' like a (3)________ in rusted shame So do you (4)__________ or does it cry? Reply Leavin' on a southern train Only (5)__________________ you lied Promises of what I seemed to be (6)________ watched the time go by All of these things you said to me Breathing is the hardest thing to do With all I've said and all that's dead for you You lied - good bye Leavin' on a (7)________________ train Only yesterday you lied Promises of (8)________ I seemed to be Only watched the time go by, All of these (9)____________ I said to you
(1) what(2) lines(3) hand(4) laugh(5) yesterday(6) Only(7) southern(8) what(9) things