Hysteria by Muse

It's (1)______________ me
Grating me
And (2)________________ me around
Yeah I'm endlessly
Caving in
And turning inside out

Cause I (3)________ it now
I want it now
Give me (4)________ (5)__________ and your soul
And I'm (6)________________ out
I'm (7)________________ out
That's (8)________ she'll lose control

It's holding me
Morphing me
And forcing me to strive
To be endlessly
Cold within
And (9)________________ I'm alive

Cause I (10)________ it now
I (11)________ it now
Give me your (12)__________ and (13)________ soul
I'm not (14)________________ down
I'm (15)________________ out
That's (16)________ she'll lose control

And I (17)________ you now
I (18)________ you now
I'll (19)________ my heart implode
And I'm (20)________________ out
Escaping now
Feeling my faith erode
(1) bugging(2) twisting(3) want(4) your(5) heart(6) breaking(7) breaking(8) when(9) dreaming(10) want(11) want(12) heart(13) your(14) breaking(15) breaking(16) when(17) want(18) want(19) feel(20) breaking