Walk Away by Franz Ferdinand

I swapped my innocence for pride
Crushed the end within my stride
Said I'm strong now I know that I'm a leaver
I love the (1)__________ of you (2)______________ away
Mascara bleeds a blackened tear
And I am cold
Yes, I'm cold
But not as cold as you are
I (3)________ the sound of you (4)______________ away

Why don't you (5)________ away?

Why don't you (6)________ away?
No buildings will (7)________ down
Why don't you walk away?
No (8)__________ (9)________ (10)__________ the ground
Why don't you (11)________ away?
The sun won't swallow the sky
Why don't you (12)________ away?
Statues will not cry

Why don't you (13)________ away?

I cannot (14)________ to see those eyes
As (15)__________________ may rise
I (16)________ be (17)____________ and (18)________ an unbeliever
And love the sound of you (19)______________ away
Mascara (20)____________ (21)________ my eye
I'm not cold
I am old
At least
As old as you are

As you walk away?

As you walk away
My headstone crumbles down
As you (22)________ away
The Hollywood winds a-howl
As you (23)________ away
The Kremlin's falling
As you walk away
Radio (24)________ is STATIC

As you walk away

The stab of stiletto
On a (25)____________ night
Stalin Smiles
Hitler laughs
Churchill claps
Mao Tse Tung
on the back
(1) sound(2) walking(3) love(4) walking(5) walk(6) walk(7) fall(8) quake(9) will(10) split(11) walk(12) walk(13) walk(14) turn(15) apologies(16) must(17) strong(18) stay(19) walking(20) bleeds(21) into(22) walk(23) walk(24) Four(25) silent