Jerusalem by Alphaville

Waiting on this (1)__________ street
Watching the river's waves go by
Feeling mellow, lighting a cigarette
Silver moon floats through the night
Eris, Princess of the Isles
Disperse your sparkling trace
Lead him on to the house of love
Where the God may turn his eyes

To (2)__________________ we pray
It's (3)________ to meet you there
Let's (4)________ love to Jerusalem - oh, yeah
Let's (5)________ love

You (6)__________ be the one I'm waiting for
I think we've met somewhere for sure
Chasing shadows leaves you feeling blue
This situation needs a cure
New assassins, new messiahs
Keepers of the balbanced law
Strangest lovers of the fire
Which ignites the Halo of our souls

In Jerusalem we pray
It's time to meet you there
Let's take love to Jerusalem - oh, yeah
Let's make love

Big (7)____________ cadillac, carry me back home
On glory (8)__________ of pure delight
We (9)________ out for the stars
(1) empty(2) Jerusalem(3) time(4) take(5) make(6) might(7) yellow(8) roads(9) head