Is There Something by Christopher Cross

Lately I see clouds of sorrow in (1)________ eyes
Some deep (2)______________ you can (3)__________ quite disguise
Now I'm scared to ask what it's leading to
But I'm more afraid of not asking you

Is there (4)__________________ that you want to tell me
Is (5)__________ something that I (6)__________ to know
Are we (7)__________________ that's still worth fighting for
Or (8)____________ I (9)____________ let you go
Is there something I can do to (10)__________ you
Are we something (11)________ than history
I'll (12)________ (13)________ way to convince you to stay
If you just (14)________ me honestly
Is there something (15)________ of you and me

You've got secrets you've been keeping for too long
And I'm (16)__________ crazy acting like there's nothing wrong
I can taste the (17)__________ every time we kiss
And I can't go on
At (18)__________ not like this

I don't want to lose you
But what's the use of holding on
I don't (19)____________ (20)________ you
If the feeling's gone

Is there something I can do to reach you
Are we something more (21)________ history
If there's no way to convince you to stay
And be the way we (22)________ to be
Then there's something that I want to (23)________ you
And I want you to believe it's true
We had something (24)________ I'll never forget
Even if I wanted to
'Cause part of me will always be (25)________ you
(1) your(2) sadness(3) never(4) something(5) there(6) ought(7) something(8) should(9) simply(10) reach(11) more(12) find(13) some(14) tell(15) left(16) going(17) truth(18) least(19) really(20) have(21) than(22) used(23) tell(24) that(25) with