Surround Me With Your Love by 3-11 Porter

Hello can you (1)________ me
Please don't go
Where are you going
Conversations go (2)________ my head
Isolation has an ugly face

Surround me (3)________ (4)________ love
Understand me I (5)________ you now
Surround me (6)________ your words
Understand me I (7)________ (8)________ love

I (9)________ (10)________ love I (11)________ (12)________ love

Hello I'm so lonely
And it feels (13)________ a disease
Come and (14)________ stay beside me
Stay always, (15)______________ don't go

Surround me with (16)________ love
Understand me, I (17)________ you now
Surround me (18)________ (19)________ words
Understand me, I need (20)________ love
(1) hear(2) over(3) with(4) your(5) need(6) with(7) need(8) your(9) need(10) your(11) need(12) your(13) like(14) stay(15) forever(16) your(17) need(18) with(19) your(20) your