Never Do That by The Pretenders

Let me stay
One more day
It would mean so (1)________ to me
I won't (2)________ a sound
I'll just hang around
I'll sit where the last one sat
But oh no
I'd never do that

Take my (3)__________ as far as you can see
It (4)__________________ father (5)________ I (6)________ to think
Put me out of my misery
If I (7)__________ (8)________ it shut
I wouldn't be in (9)________ rut
With (10)________ (11)____________ (12)________ a laboratory rat
Oh no
I'd never do that

You're a (13)____________ of illusion
You say you do - but you don't
You (14)__________ I will - I (15)________ I won't

When I see you (16)______________ there
It (17)__________ a (18)__________ right through me
I (19)__________ thought an ordinary chair
Could have such poetry
I don't deserve your time
I haven't got the tact
I live above my (20)__________ in fact
Oh no
I'd never do that

I'd never do that
I'd (21)__________ do that
I'd never do (22)________
(1) much(2) make(3) mouth(4) stretches(5) than(6) care(7) could(8) keep(9) this(10) less(11) chance(12) than(13) master(14) think(15) know(16) sitting(17) sends(18) shock(19) never(20) means(21) never(22) that