Where I'm Headed by Lene Marlin

I've got a suitcase in my hand
Filled with stuff (1)________ (2)________________ to me
Sidewalk brings my feet
Wherever they're headed.
There is no (3)____________________ given
Just some trust in (4)__________ (5)________ to rely on
And to hold on to.
Honestly don't know where I'll end up at last
Won't (6)________ count the days.
One (7)__________ I (8)________ (9)________ I won't move so fast
My mind in complete haze.

I (10)________ by
Don't (11)________ to stop
When there's someone I see
There's no one here but me
I'm fooled by something (12)____________ my head.
If I lay down now
I might (13)________ kinda dead
Just keep on (14)______________ time.

Scary thoughts and frightening sounds
In my mind still I try avoid it
Heading (15)______________ this hope not one-way alley
I can't really sense my surroundings
Seems to be all dark around.
Nothing there, to (16)______________ up my way.
Honestly don't know (17)__________ I'll end up at last
Won't even count the days.
One thing I (18)________ know I won't move so fast.
My mind is (19)________________ haze.

I (20)________ by
Don't dare to stop
When there's (21)______________ I see
There's no one here but me
I'm (22)____________ by something (23)____________ my head
If I lay down now
I might seem kinda dead
(1) most(2) precious(3) directions(4) human(5) mind(6) even(7) thing(8) sure(9) know(10) pass(11) dare(12) inside(13) seem(14) wasting(15) through(16) lighten(17) where(18) sure(19) complete(20) pass(21) someone(22) fooled(23) inside