Hidden In The Sand by Tally Hall

We (1)________ (2)______________ in the sand
And you (3)__________ a (4)____________ band
You (5)________ me you (6)________ in (7)________ (8)________ it
Hadn't gone as I planned

When you had to bid adieu
Said you'd (9)__________ (10)________ anew
I wondered if I (11)__________ (12)________ it
and fall in (13)________ (14)________ it too

You (15)________ me buy a pony
But all I (16)____________ was you
(1) were(2) playing(3) found(4) little(5) told(6) fell(7) love(8) with(9) never(10) love(11) could(12) hold(13) love(14) with(15) told(16) wanted