Flaming Moe's by The Simpsons

When the weight of the (1)__________ has got you down
And you want to end (2)________ life,
Bills to pay, a dead-end job,
And problems with the wife.
But don't throw in the tow'l,
'Cuz there's a place (3)__________ down the block...
Where you can drink (4)________ misery away...
At Flaming Moe's.... (Let's all go to (5)______________ Moe's...)
When liquor in a mug (Let's all go to (6)______________ Moe's...)
Can warm you (7)________ a hug. (Flaming Moe's...)
And (8)__________________ is (9)________ a Flaming Moe away...
Happiness is (10)________ a Flaming Moe away...
(1) world(2) your(3) right(4) your(5) Flaming(6) Flaming(7) like(8) happiness(9) just(10) just