Blue Christmas by Kelly Clarkson

I'll have a blue Christmas
Without you
I'll be so blue
Just thinking (1)__________ you
Decorations of red
On a green Christmas tree
Just won't be the same, darling
If you're not here with me
And when those blue snowflakes
Start falling
That's when those blue
Memories (2)__________ calling
You'll be doing all right, with your
Your (3)__________________ of white
But I'll (4)________ a blue
Blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas

You'll be (5)__________ all (6)__________ (7)________ your
Your (8)__________________ of white, no, no
But I'll have a blue
Blue, blue, blue, (9)________ Christmas

(1) about(2) start(3) Christmas(4) have(5) doing(6) right(7) with(8) Christmas(9) blue