Fall At Your Feet by Crowded House

I'm (1)____________ (2)__________ tonight
And I (3)________ like I'm (4)____________ inside her
Lying in the dark
I think that I'm beginning to know her
Let it go
I'll be there when you call
Whenever I (5)________ at your feet
And you let your tears rain (6)________ on me
Whenever I touch your (7)________ turning pain

You're (8)____________ from me now
There's (9)__________________ in the way that you're talking
The (10)__________ don't sound right
But I (11)________ them all moving (12)____________ you
Go, I'll be waiting when you call

Whenever I (13)________ at (14)________ feet
And you let (15)________ tears rain down on me
Whenever I (16)__________ your slow turning pain

The finger of (17)__________ has (18)____________ (19)________ itself
And I'm more than willing to (20)__________ myself
Do you want my (21)________________ or need my help
Who (22)__________ where (23)________ might lead

I fall at (24)________ feet
And you let (25)________ (26)__________ (27)________ down on me
Whenever I fall
(1) really(2) close(3) feel(4) moving(5) fall(6) down(7) slow(8) hiding(9) something(10) words(11) hear(12) inside(13) fall(14) your(15) your(16) touch(17) blame(18) turned(19) upon(20) offer(21) presence(22) knows(23) that(24) your(25) your(26) tears(27) rain